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Get a head start on Your General Education Courses

The College Network™ and Tulane University School of Continuing Studies have formed an educational alliance designed to help School of Continuing Studies students “test out” of up to 24 semester hours of college credit. This means that School of Continuing Studies students can transfer up to two semesters-worth of college credit through the Tulane University School of Continuing Studies /College Network program!

Substituting some of your on-campus courses with the College Network’s Comprehensive Learning Modules is a great way to get a head start on your general education courses or complete your general education requirements on your own schedule.

Earn College Credit with CLEP® or DSST®

You don’t have to attend classes on campus to earn the college credit you need to graduate. You can demonstrate your knowledge through equivalency testing, or “testing out.” By testing out, you can earn college credit by taking an exam and preparing with Comprehensive Learning Modules. The CLEP and DSST exams are designed to measure what you would learn in an equivalent typical college course.

Online Comprehensive Learning Module Program

The College Network’s online Comprehensive Learning Modules are written by nationally recognized professors from highly ranked colleges and universities. You can study anywhere, anytime, and prepare yourself to pass equivalency examinations whenever it’s convenient for you.


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